Regular Classes

One of the Classes in action!

Hoops will be provided in class and are available to order.

Classes are suitable for all – male or female, young or old.
Why not get fit with your partner and/or kids?*

Standard classes are £5 per session (look out for special offers on facebook) or £22.50 for 5 sessions. Classes and are held: (check the latest news on the homepage for any changes)
Mondays at John Pounds Centre, Portsmouth: 6pm          
                              Tuesdays at Bedhampton Social Hall: 5:45pm – 6:45pm                                                  Wednesdays at The John Pounds Centre: 8pm – 9pm                            Saturdays at Wimbledon Park Sports Centre: 10am – 11am

Please contact me to book your place as spaces are limited.

Need Directions?

John Pounds Centre -Contact the centre about car parking on 02392 892 010. The centre is near The Hard with parking available off St James’ Street.
Bedhampton Social Hall is on Bedhampton Road (between the railway crossing and the Arts Centre), easily accessible by bus/train. Plenty of parking. Wimbledon Park Sports Centre is off Waverley Rod then left onto Taswell Road. The centre is next to the school. Free parking.
St James’ Hospital is just off Taswell Road in Southsea – We use the park in good weather which is to the right of the Driveway. Plenty of parking available in car park and on street.

*Children over 7 are welcome to come along accompanied by a fully participating adult! Contact me if you have any questions. Hooping is a great bonding activity.

If you’re interested in coming along to one of my hoop classes or have any questions then please contact me for full details:

What should you expect?
Hoop classes are quite unique to other exercise classes – You should be warned that fun will be had!

Your first class will cover the basic hooping technique and will explore the moves you can learn in the coming weeks. You might find it tricky to begin with but progress is quickly achieved. There will always be time for one-to-one help in the class so please don’t be afraid to ask. Classes are suitable for all – young and old, male and female and people of varying levels of fitness. Everyone will go home with at least one new hoop skill.

Please refer to the hoop safety page for advice on what to wear.

Hooping is really a progressive experience so you will learn new moves each week and at the end of the 6 week course we will have a firm basis of a full cardiovascular total body and mind workout. We will introduce moves which work on different parts of the body and I will explain which moves target the body areas you want to focus on. I want you to be in control of the pace and style of the class so if you have any particular requests or concerns then speak to me in class or email me with your requests.

Get fit in a fun, relaxed and friendly environment. I am happy to give prescriptive advice on moves that will focus on the areas you want to tone up. Hoops of varying sizes are provided for you to try out and use in class but of course you are invited to bring your own. I will also have samples of the hoops available in the hoop gallery and boutique. If you want to continue your new hobby at home then why not invest in one of my custom made hoops? Check them out in class and in the shop.

You’re Hooped!

WOWZER! The first class held 14th January was a total success! The John Pounds Centre staff said it was the busiest they have EVER seen a first class. Thank you everyone that came along and got jiggy with it!

Over 40 people took part and wiggled their way through a fun evening. When I saw how many of you had turned up I was shocked – space was tight but everyone got hooping and the atmosphere was great. Normal classes will be around half this size so we will have more room to spin and laugh our way through the hour.

The main things to remember when learning to hoop are:

1) Move from the core/centre. Engage those tummy muscles and feel the abs working for you.

2) Have a positive attitude. Don’t get angry with yourself if you drop the hoop. It’s a challenge. Pick it up and try again. You will get there…and when you do, try it in the opposite direction!

3) Try different hoops. Everyone can find a hoop to suit them. Try a few times with different sizes and thickness. You might also want to use different hoops for different moves.

I am teaching this because I wanted other people to know the fun they can have. Last night’s class proved that hooping is accessible to all. We had a laugh, we thrust our pelvis’ at each other, we got to meet loads of new people and we sweated our hips off and we were very impressed that boys get a wiggle on to!

Classes are pretty much booked up already so if you want to guarantee your place get in touch soon. I’m going to look into running another class on another night so add any venue suggestions and ideas of days/times on my forum.