Hoop Dance

Street LED Monkeying around!

Street LED Monkeying around!

If you’ve seen any of the fantastic videos of talented hoop dancers you will begin to dream of whirling up the dust! Hoop dancing is all about getting in the hoop and shaking those hips. It’s about expression and freedom, experimentation and fun. Not only will you have already developed your co-ordination but your creative and intuitive aspects of the brain will be released with the movement of the hoop and you will feel calmer, focused, more confident, energised and free.

Hoop dance is made up of many of the basic moves we will learn in Hoop Shaker classes and with more practise your confidence with movement in the hoop will grow and you will naturally want to explore more moves. Hoop dance involves moving the hoop both on an off the body and can include impressive tricks, speed or simply being beautiful in the embodiment of self expression through the enjoyment and relaxation of the hooper.

Hoop dance may vary in style as you use different music which stimulates the body and mind into rhythmic partnership. Try spinning in your hoops to fast music, slow music, classical, pop, latin, rock, swing, dance and hip hop! Different styles of music will inspire different ‘flows’. Hoop with friends or hoop alone all the time experimenting and enjoying yourself while you gain an inadvertent work out = More calories burned and muscles toned!

It is a good idea to start with the standard hoop classes for exercise before progressing to hoop dance so you have a solid basis of all the foundational moves.