The modern hoops are bigger, heavier, beautifully hand crafted and decorated and easier to use by adults. Because of the weight and size they are easier to control and spin more slowly while giving a great cardio workout burning as many as 100 calories in ten minutes. As your hooping skills develop you could even start to learn hoop dance. Hooping is going to sweep the nation as the newest, effective and fun fitness trend so why not give it a spin?! Male or female, young or old, hop in, wiggle, sweat, laugh, tone your body and clear your mind! The best way to find out is to pick up a hoop and give it a try!
We’re based in sunny Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire, England.

Meet your instructors 
Sally – The founder of Hoop shaker and The Happy Hula Monkeys. Hooping and hoop dance provide a fun, accessible Pregnant Hoopingworkout that benefits both body and mind. I do it because I enjoy it, it makes you laugh and smile – it’s just an added bonus that it helps you keep fit! I’ve never been the type to stick to any form of exercise but once in the hoop I just want to keep spinning! After hooping for around 30 minutes a day I began to notice my body change in about 2 – 3 weeks predominately on my stomach, and my arms and my boyfriend started to get ‘hoop envy’ after noticing my abs tone up considerably!  I began in 2008 and haven’t looked back. Hooping made me feel so much more confident and creative and that’s how Happy Hula Monkeys came about. Since then my business has grown and ‘grown up’ to include Hoop Shaker which pushes to show that hooping isn’t just for kids! I have trained with some of the worlds best hoopers and have even taught alongside them at hooping events. My classes are full of my own unique style while incorporating moves from across the globe! Hooping has kept me fit prior to and after my pregnancy and I am looking forward to introducing my beautiful baby girls to the world of hooping as soon as she is big enough!

Phil – Phil runs some of our hoop dance courses and tricks workshops. He has been hula-hooping for over five years and can be often found down south in the UK teaching, performing and generally playing with hoops. His love of movement and passion for dance is at the core of his approach to hooping, inspiring and engaging everyone to have a go.

A firm believer in being active and healthy, Phil sees hooping as a central component to a healthy, fun, happy lifestyle. His playful approach to the hoop offers a fun way to get fit and improve your mental wellbeing.

Phil has hooped all over the world and draws his experience from being taught by some of the top teachers in the world.

Holly – I started hula hooping in 2011 when my Mum suggested we try a new class at the local leisure centre.  I met Sally at that first session and was inspired by her energy and enthusiasm and was amazed that I could survive a whole hour of cardio without getting bored!  I then had a break from hula hooping for 5 months to go travelling, and found that I really missed it.  When I got back I attended regular classes twice a week, even making the 90 minute round trip when we moved house because I felt it was so beneficial.  I wasn’t particularly fit before I started, but within a relatively short period of time I noticed some significant changes in myself; I was less stressed, had more stamina, could attempt more ambitious hoop moves and was beginning to feel more confident.

HollyI love learning new moves and am passionate about teaching these skills to others.  I love how therapeutic it can be- People of all sizes, shapes and abilities can hula hoop. I have adapted hula hooping so that it is accessible for young people with significant physical disabilities, learning needs, emotional needs and mental health issues and have seen the improvements it can make to their self-esteem, confidence, co-ordination and physical fitness.

Hooping has helped me manage my stress levels and provides a much needed escape from daily worries, as soon as I step into my hoop I feel my blood pressure drop and after an hour I’m relaxed, energised and ready for anything! It has  helped me accept and love my body just the way it is.  I’ve realised that happiness and acceptance come from inside me and that it doesn’t matter how I look to other people. Hooping has helped me quiet that “I’ll be happier if….” voice and made me realise that my body is the best tool I have.  I value it so much more now that I have learnt how strong it can be and how I can train it to do wonderful things with a hoop.

Amy, Angela and Hannah – The rest of the girls from the team are simply divine! TheseSouthsea show 1 ladies appear at events and club nights and are the happy smiling faces of the non-teaching team. They have been hooping for a few years at the Hoop Shaker and Happy Hula Monkeys classes over which period there have been many opportunities to perform and with their growing confidence and skills the girls have really got on board the hoop train! We are always looking for more performers so if you think you have the attitude and the time then please get in touch.

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