Pregnant IOW Festival hooping.
Pregnant IOW Festival hooping.

Hoop Shaker and the Happy Hula Monkeys are very pleased to work with the Beats and Swing Crew!

You can see us spinning up our LED hoops as part of the gang at many of the club nights – so who are they and what exactly is Beats and Swing?

Beats & Swing is a club night held in Portsmouth each month, bringing eclectic and sometimes eccentric guests to town that play alongside local DJ’s, acts and dancers to put on a night that is like nothing else currently on offer in town.

Current residencies include:

Every other 3rd Saturday of the month at The Wedgewood Rooms – February, April, June, August, October & December.

Throughout the year we also put on events at various other venues to include The Edge Of The Wedge, Fins Bar, The Bandstand & The Eastney Cellars.

2013 saw Beats & Swing’s début performance at The Isle of Wight Festival – playing on all 3 nights across 2amy different arenas.

Electro Swing is a musical genre fusing swing styles with modern, (often hip hop, drum and bass, dubstep or house influenced) production techniques. Contemporary artists of the genre incorporate loops, samples, melodies and styles from the Swing, Jazz and Big Band era such as Django Reinhardt, Cab Calloway and Benny Goodman to create new, more club friendly and accessible compositions. Leading artists include Parov Stelar and Caravan Palace.The genres are connected with a revival of swing dances like the Lindy hop, the popularity of Neo-Burlesque and the resurgence in an appreciation of vintage fashion and culture in mainstream society, championed by style icons Dita Von Teese and successful television shows like Boardwalk Empire.

  • 6 months pregnant hooping at Beats and Swing - Wedgewood Rooms“Consistently original and finger-on-the-pulse programming make this one of the most exciting regional Electro Swing nights in the UK.” – Nick Hollywood (White Mink, Freshly Squeezed Music)”Such an Electric, Eclectic fusion of Vintage Jazz, Funk beats, Electronica & Dirty Basslines that brings together a beautiful group of people who encompass the avant garde and the experimental!!
    For more details contact Luke via the Beats and Swing facebook group.