Your hoop will be carefully hand made and decorated to your preference so you will want to look after it!

To avoid scratching your hoop I recommend hooping in doors on carpeted or wooden floors, or if outside then try to keep on the grass. If you’re hooping at home I would say you literally need enough room to swing a cat – or hurl a monkey!

Concrete and rough surfaces will scuff your pretty hoop when it falls and when you are learning this will happen a lot! Many people may have a basic hoop for practice and then a special hoop for special occasions!

Remember if you let children use it – encourage them not to throw it around unless you don’t mind it getting a little scratched. Although your hoop is very strong, beware of pulling and standing on the hoop as this could loosen the connection. Better still, give your child a kids hoop of their own!

To clean your hoop, wipe it down with a soft damp cloth. This should get rid of most minor marks.

Hoops die in hot cars!
We don’t always get the weather for it but try not to leave your hoop in extremes of temperature such as hot cars or leant against a radiator. Prolonged heat can warp the hoop although in most cases you should be able to hoop it back into shape! Contact me for advice at .

Oh and PLEASE DON’T leave it in the rain as this could cause the pretty tapes to peel.

Best place for storing your hoop is somewhere flat like under a bed. I keep mine behind my sofa. If you are lucky enough to have a garage then perhaps hang it up when not in use. I like mine to hand as I use it everyday!

Trust me – once addicted you’ll want to look after your hoop!