Exercising with hoops, hoop dance and play with hula hoops have all been in existence for thousands of years. Historical roots stretch back to ancient Egypt where children played with hoops made from dried grapevines propelling them along with sticks. Native Americans see the hoop as a representation of the ‘circle of life’ and have traditionally performed hoop dances with a number of hoops, each of which symbolise another thread in the web of life. The dance is intricate and the performers weave beautiful patterns through the movement and overlapping of the hoops.

The hoop made a big comeback in the 1950’s across the world with the introduction of the ‘hula-hoop’ by Wham-O. The plastic children’s hoops were sold in their millions.

The latest craze of hoop dancing is fresh, inventive, energising and captivating! Hoop dancing lends itself to all styles of music and is at the mercy of the hooper and their self expression.