Think you can’t hoop? Try!
Adult hoops are much larger than the children’s plastic hula hoops you remember. Using the right size will help you hoop more easily. In general it is best to begin with a larger hoop and as you develop your hooping skills you may choose to progress to a smaller hoop (or for hoop dancing you may decide you want a lighter, thinner hoop). The larger the hoop the more time you have to co-ordinate your movements, a smaller hoop will spin much faster so for beginners it can take a little longer to control but once you can, the workout will be more intensive as you have to work harder to keep the hoop moving around your body.

As a rule – Start big!
Your preferred hoop size will change as you get more confident. Many people get hooked and start collecting different hoops in different sizes and designs for different moves and moods!

The best way to measure what size hoop you need to begin with is to stand tall and place your finger at the mid point between your tummy button and your chest. Then measure the distance between the ground and this point in inches. The figure you get is the ‘hoop size’.

Our hoops range from 36” – 42” (bigger and smaller hoops can be made as requested). Visit the shop for all the choices.

If you are having trouble then contact and send me your height, clothes size and details about whether you want to just do hoop classes or if you are interested in hoop dance and I can recommend the hoop for you.

If you attend one of my classes then you will have the opportunity to try out a few different sizes before making your decision.

It is important to remember that these hoops are not designed as children’s toys. They are intended for recreational and fitness use by adults. Also see information on hoop care and children!  We also sell hoops suitable for children in our shop suitable for supervised play. Get in touch for further details.