This is my personal account of hooping while pregnant – everyone is different and it is absolutely vital that you check with a doctor before taking up any new activity while pregnant even during the early stages. While I can not give any professional medical advice I can happily share my experience.

I have now safely had my beautiful baby girl! Here is my pregnancy hooping story! Here I am hooping on stage at a club night at 6 months pregnant…

I think that it’s really important to listen to your body, that goes for if you’re ill, tired or in my case – pregnant. I have been very lucky. Until the last month even I hadn’t really noticed the pregnancy. I ‘bloomed’ at 6.5 months with the arrival of a bump on landing on holiday in Egypt. I literally got ON the plane with nothing to show for 6.5 months baking and got off the other end with a big firm bowling ball smuggled up my top!

I thought after my holiday that I might be too round to hoop but it was fine and we only spend around 30 or 40 mins of class on the waist and the rest is hand/off body usually depending on what I’m teaching the class. My students kept asking when would I stop but I could only really answer with ‘I will keep going until the baby or the body says otherwise’ Just as ‘everybody’ is different so is every ‘body’.
Teaching was fine in my fully pregnant state, I listened to my body, took extra care and managed to last until the baby was ready to make an appearance!

My classes are so pleased for me (baby has hundreds of Aunty’s and Uncles!) and they all seemed to enjoy seeing me grow! At 7.5 months pregnant I was still multi hooping (with a slight difference).

As I said, I have been lucky and actually kept forgetting that I was preggers! I had to remind myself to be careful with lifting hoops in and out of the car or perhaps going in for some hoopy jumps which should be avoided in case I lost my balance.  I hope the pics of what the bump has been up to make you smile.

My top tips for pregnant hoopers:

1)    Check with you doctor if it’s ok for you to carry on. Don’t leave this decision to your hoop teacher or even to yourself really.
2)    Listen to your body – does it hurt? Are you getting tired too easily or dizzy and hot? If so you don’t want to put yourself at risk of falling over or not getting enough bloody to your precious cargo. And KEEP listening to your body as things change quickly.
3)    Can you keep talking normally as you hoop? If you can’t then you are over exerting yourself and need to slow down.
4)    Have you had any complications/symptoms with pelvic conditions such as SPD? If your pelvis hurts you probably won’t want to do much let alone hoop! Keep movements to forward and back so as not to upset the pelvis.
5)    Don’t overdo things – this means everything! Also watch out for those ligaments – it’s easier to accidentally over stretch the body when pregnant due to the hormone ‘relaxin’ (chillin out maxin, acting all cool) in your body which is there to help the body prepare for labour by making things looser ready to pop out a baby.
6)    Use a lighter hoop –  I’ve only been using my poly pro since being pregnant. Much kinder.
7)    If you can’t waist hoop use the opportunity to work with the arms or off body.
Please note that this is not a professional opinion! I am basing this on my own experience and YOU need to speak with YOUR doctor and listen to YOUR body.

Sally and Violet