We are very happy to supply you with some useful hooping links for more information:

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Beata Varga: http://dshoops.co.uk/default.aspx
Bee is an incredible hoop dancer (probably my favourite) and incorporates hoop dance with holistic therapies. Hooping is not only great for physical fitness but also inner wellbeing.

Dancing Star
Dancing Star

Other useful local links (say that after a drink!)
John Pounds centre: http://www.johnpoundscentre.co.uk/contactus.html

The John Pounds Centre is a great local venue encouraging the accessibility to a healthier and happier lifestyle for the local community.

Visite Brilens in Southsea for all your T-shirt and printing needs. they provide an excellent and friendly service. click here to visit their website:

Hair Extensions – click to access a great site for suppliers of a variety of hair extensions.

For Fun!

Famous Hooping Fans

Grace Jones