11th February


Wednesday 11th February


Tonight we had more space and were really able to stretch out our legs and our hoops!


We got hoopy with some attitude to the love themed valentine music! We’re still really working on stepping side to side while hooping and this week I threw in a mini line dance to see what you thought. I want to keep things fun for you so it is important that you’re enjoying it. I try to keep you going with enough moves so you feel you are learning something each week while still getting a great workout. You are great at the lasoo hand hooping and you are fab at changing direction so we will start working on our transitions (moving from one move to another smoothly).



For now, the moves we need to work on are the hip hooping and the off the body pass with kick overs. That is the killer move and we only managed a few minutes of it this week! To give you a break we took to the floor and went for a little walk…(under the moon of love)! After you got your breath back I thought I’d give you a challange – you’re so good at the hand hooping that I thought it was about time we tried the scissor kick. I don’t know why but you looked quite scared by this! YOU CAN DO IT! It looks more impressive than it really is, you’ve already got the basics so it’s just trying it in a new style… we’re going to revisit that move. In between all sets I do try to give you a few seconds to catch your breath – whether in the form of a turn or slow hooping. The break in the scissor kick move is to put the hoop down but continue kicking your legs. It is the only move I’ll let you leave the hoop out of!



Time seemed to fly this week and I was a bit shocked when the cool down music began so I hope you all had fun and went home feeling empowered by the music of the week! Next week get ready for some latino tracks!



You very kindly took the time to fill in some feedback forms and I must say that I was so pleased to hear that you are all enjoying it, learning something new, socialising and discovering the ‘Can do’ aspects of hooping. The only negative seems to be the space – this is something I am continually trying to address, as you know I’ve started a small second class and taken a couple of our JPC hoopers with me and now that class is already fully booked. I will continue looking for somewhere else locally but it is so difficult finding a venue that is available and is big enough. We do have the summer to look forward to so maybe we could do some outdoor classes and events. In the meantime it will continue to be operated on a first come first serve basis so if you’re enjoying it make sure you book your place!



Thank you again and happy hooping!