18th February

Week 6 – Wednesday 18th February

This was the last class of our first block and I’d like to thank you all for coming along and joining in so enthusiastically each week.



It was LATIN WEEK and tonight we covered a lot of ground and I really enjoyed myself so I hope you did too! We tried some salsa based simple steps before hitting our turbo hooping session.



I tried to give some pointers on learning the limbo move, the music really spurred you on and I was impressed to see you improve so quickly. There were lots of laughs and lots of limbo arms in the air – I wish we had the cocktails to go with them! It is nice to have such a close knit class.



People have been hit hard by the cold and flu bugs and you seemed to get quite tired out quite quickly – or was I working you too hard?! I notice that you are still struggling with arm movements while taking steps but we will get there. The more you practice the more natural it will feel and you will be stepping around freely and not having to think about keeping the hoop up. Each week you are getting so much better – you can see that when we take our walk around the room. I give you the options to add arm work but it is something to take in your own time.



We tried some floor work again and this was your real challenge! This suggests to me that we need to keep practicing this move – let’s get our bums and legs nice and toned! Keep going – I sat up half way through and you were all crashed out on the floor! Funny though – seeing you all flaked out, giggling and red faced! What is it about that move that hits you so hard?! REMEMBER TO BREATHE!



To get you back on your feet (literally) we then worked our arms again with a bit more style so this was your star move of the evening and just when you had got back into your safety zone we headed into the nights play section! Well done for getting into our dance of the week with such enthusiasm! I hope you enjoyed it and didn’t find it too silly – we’re here to have fun and get fit at the same time and sections like this are perfect ways to keep going without realising it. There were lots of smiles around the room and you all kept the hoop going – fab!



We hit a few challenges this week which is good. It proves that you are learning something new. I read through the feedback again from the week before and it is nice to see that you are surprised at the amount of moves you can do with a hoop. It really is an excellent fitness tool and next week in our performance night you will see the more streamlined dance aspects.



Don’t forget to tell me if you are planning on bringing anyone with you next week so I can add them to my list. As you know space is tight. We’ve been spoilt while our friends have been poorly so I expect 25th to be a bit busier again but this night will be more informal and is intended as a treat for you. Come along, join in and prepare to be dazzled by our super duper guest hooper! In future classes I want to try to keep the number to a max of 20 so be prepared to get booked if you want to keep coming. You guys will have first dibs.



And so, the end of the first block…



Now we’ve come to the end of our first block tell me what you’re enjoying and what you’re not. The feedback you filled in last week was helpful but I want to make sure I work on the moves you want. Are you happy with the informal atmosphere? Chances are that if not you would have left weeks ago! Every week you are working hard and I would estimate that you are well on the way to burning those 600 calories in that hour. Work harder and burn more or relax, hoop it up and just use the hour for a bit of fun!