25th February

Week 1/Block 2 – Wednesday 25th February


Smiley Teach = Smiley Class!
Smiley Teacher = Smiley Class!

This was our FUN NIGHT dedicated to all happy hoopiness!


We were energised by our funky disco lights (thanks to Sounds of the South) and party atmosphere tonight.


We had a mini workout and then focused on our play section. I like to give you a play section each week in which we just have fun but all the time you are still hooping and getting a great workout.


We headed straight into the turbo hooping and got those pulses racing, then onto the halo with our steps and turns. You all looked a lot more stylish and more comfortable with this move than in recent weeks. WELL DONE.


We worked on our new move ‘The Limbo’ and you all did fabulously well! Lot’s of arms in the air and hoops spinning on a vertical plane. This move is really good for working those tummy muscles and we will keep practicing so we get a good few sets out of this in the following weeks. But onto my favourite… this week I had one of my favourite party tunes on the schedule. Good old Dolly Parton! Yay! We got into the country groove and worked on our grapevine before adding those few extra steps to turn it into the ‘Electric Slide’. Another great effort – well done y’all!!! It was great to look around and see everybody really giving it a go and our whole hall was filled with crazy line dancing hoopers! I wish we’d caught that on camera.


By this time we were really in the mood for fun and got our reggae groove on with our final play section – Follow the Leader. This one really gets us sweating and giggling. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and I know you were all ready for a rest so we took a break for the second half and handed the floor over to our special guest– the Super duper Guest Hooper by the name of Bee Varga. Bee amazes me with her talent acquired after such relatively short period. We were very lucky to get her along as I know how busy she is with her performances and studies. We watched in amazement as Bee strut her stuff and dazzled us with those LED hoops (if you are interested in buying one of these let me know). Oh and that outfit – WOWZER!

Tartan around!
Tartan around!

If any of you are brave enough to hoop it up like a pro then let me know and I can get Bee to contact you about the clothes she supplies.


I wanted to open your eyes to hoop dance as I doubt any of you have seen this before. There are lots of hoop dance styles that you can learn – Bee’s style is very fast and great for performances in clubs. You are all capable of learning the tricks and moves but fire it up with some funky attitude and make it your own. Slow or fast the key to hoop dance is flow. This is why I talk to you about transitioning between moves. If you can move (apparently) effortlessly from one move to the next then your performance no matter what style will appear graceful. It’s not all about fancy moves – in fact you may have recognised a lot of the moves Bee threw in as moves we have worked on – the reason it works is because Bee has her own style and makes it look so easy to magically move the hoop from one part of the body to the next. I love the club style and watch in amazement as hoopdancers like this whirl around at hyper speed but I also love the slower floaty style of hoop dance – don’t feel intimidated if you see a style you think is not for you. Create your own style and do it your way – for example long floaty skirts look beautiful with sustained spinning to Latin/belly dance music…perhaps this is something we can look at in the future and even try out in class.


Try it out for yourself. Go home, put some music on that you love, get in the hoop and just dance with it on your waist, get your arms into it, move your feet and have fun. Think about what styles of music you like dancing to – this would work while hooping too. That’s why I try different styles of music each week – what inspires you? If you want some pointers then have a chat with me, email or contact me via the forum.