28th January

Wednesday 28th January

Tonight’s class was a bit more about play! This week we sweated (again), we laughed, we got hit in the head and we got our feet moving!


Well done everyone for taking steps, shuffles, grapevines and turning while hooping to the DISCO themed music. You will notice that when you move side to side you need to adjust the points at which you hit the hoop with your waist. It can be quite difficult to change the movement without losing control of the hoop so everybody did really well! Go as slowly as you need to in order to allow your body make the adjustments to keep the hoop going. After some practice you will be more co-ordinated and will have taught your body how to deal with the new move. Now we just need to get our arms engaged while we move but one thing at a time! When you’re just trying to keep the hoop up you might not be able to think about your arms at the same time!


It was great to see you all moving around while hooping. Now we’re not so grounded and we can really start to explore the space around us and get some structure to our routines so you can start to feel the burn! I’ve got plans for you lot!


We also checked to see what it’s like hooping in the opposite direction. You were great at this. I still struggle as this was something I wasn’t aware of when I began hooping and so I’ve developed an overly dominant side (anti-clockwise). It’s great that you managed the change with ease. This will ensure you develop evenly as you exercise.


Each week I am aware that I don’t follow my plan step by step. I try to adjust to your needs in class. I have been able to spend one to one time with most of you and as a result you are really progressing. As the weeks go on I predict that we will be able to follow a class plan all the way through! ALWAYS remember that this class is for you and you should feel free to ask for more challenges if you are ready to move on. I can give you moves to try out and practice while others are happy to maintain the basic waist hooping position. As I say each week – don’t do anything you feel might be too hard or painful but do be BRAVE and try some of the extra moves out. Keep challenging yourself I will continue to introduce the new moves but am happy to let you decide when you are ready to try them out.


We tackled the hand hooping again last night – this is your speciality! I am so impressed! Just remember to grip immediately before/as you push out with the palm of the hand so the hoop is not dangerously whirling freely around your hand. This should stop the risk of it spinning off and hitting someone else in the head! The hoop needs to sit between your thumb and fingers – not spinning around your wrist until it hits you in the head! Check that you are making the hoop spin horizontally. If it dips you need to be stronger with the push and grip. Your hands and arms will get stronger the more you practice this and the easier it will become. Try using a lighter hoop to begin with if that helps.


Well done everyone and thank you for coming along with SMILES! You all have the right attitude for hooping which will keep you motivated and allow you to learn more easily. Next week we’ll have a go at the bottom busting hip hooping!