4th February

Wednesday 4th February


Tonight you really worked out! This week I threw you in at the deep end and got you really sweating… sorry ‘glowing’!


The music was more fast paced than in previous classes and we kicked off with some sets of power hooping then gave our abs a rest and worked on the arms. I thinks this is your ‘rest’ section but not for long as we hopped back in the hoops and got shuffling across that dance floor. Even though I know what a GREAT workout hooping is, it still amazes me how tiring it is once you really get moving. Just think of the benefits for your body!


You all did really well at recovering the hoop after shuffling or stepping along and I was really impressed at how well you did when we took our hoops for a walk around the room! (HINT HINT – I’ve added details for the Race for Life).


You’re all doing brilliantly at our lasoo/hand hooping move! We need to concentrate on switching arms so you don’t end up with muscles on one arm and like Mr Muscle on the other! Your strength will develop with practice. Try the lighter hoops if you are struggling and remember those bruises might start appearing on the back of your hand – this is normal and shows the effort you are putting in! Be proud of any bruises you achieve!!!


When waist hooping and hand hooping, I’d like you to start working on your technique and inject a bit of style into your moves. We looked at our technique and I asked you to check your feet positioning and to ensure that you are pushing from the core when waist hooping (think tummy button!!). Remember to take a deep breath in to re-align your spine and encourage a nice straight back and central movement. When hand hooping, think about what the rest of your body is doing – don’t just let it hang there! Stand tall, engage your whole body, step with purpose, breathe, bring some grace and style into the whole movement.


Off the body hooping with kick-overs is what got you really sweaty this week. This reminds me to tell you to make sure you stay hydrated! There is a water cooler outside the hall so feel free to pop out when you need to top up or bring bottled water with you. WELL DONE for trying it out although I thought I was going to lose a few of you at that point! You’re here to workout aren’t you?! Try this move as fast or slow as you feel you can. This is great for your legs and keeps the arms working at the same time. So a 2 for 1 deal! No wonder it’s tiring!


You needed a little break after that body blitz so we tried the hip hooping again. This is the move where you let the hoop drop below your hip bone instead of above and it’s great for your bum! It’s also good for those of you with sciatica as it really gets you wiggling while giving you a nice massage.


Finally we tried a couple of ‘trick’ moves. The limbo style and also our booty shaker! Everyone had a go and I was really impressed – the limbo is another tummy toner move – you really feel those abs working when you push up into the hoop. The booty shaker is a little funny to watch when you’re learning…you have to stick your bum up high and really push it out!!! This is great for strengthening your back. We’ll work on those moves again soon.