New Products Available!

Lots more products and services available in our shop and more coming soon!

Contact find me on Facebook or 07787 950092 for information on:

Hoops for children from infants to young adults. Including bulk hoop orders for schools and clubs.
Hoop Shaker Pro hoops available for you tricksters out there who are after a light and more responsive hoop, ideal for breaks, isolations and rolls. These hoops are suitable for experienced hoopers who want to push the boundaries!
Hoop class clothing – what to wear when you spin!
Vintage Hula Monkey jewellery – be proud of your hobby and show it off even when you’re not hooping!
Hoop Shaker Workshops – for celebrations, wellbeing events or family days in the community. Fed up with aerobics? Want a new challenge, something fun and for all ages? Come and wiggle away the calories and learn a new skill. Also great at Corporate events in the work place. Try out my hoops and get wiggling, lose weight, improve posture, gain confidence and elevate the mood.

Double trouble!
For hoopers who want to spin fast!