Race For Life 2009

A big THANK YOU to all those that sponsored and supported the Happy Hula Monkeys as they hooped their way around the 5km course on Sunday 19th July under threatening rain clouds and in gale force (felt like it) winds! A few times along the course my hoop actually felt like it was levitating when the wind took it! Hooping against that wind was tough – I imagine we all now have abs of steel!

16 amazing ladies from the Happy Hula Monkeys classes or honorary monkey friends registered to complete the course in their spangly hoops.

I am so proud of the girls that took part – they all shone. Great attitude, great hooping in great big gusty winds and thank goodness we only got a little wet when the hovercraft took off! What a fabulous team – I hope it was a day you won’t forget.

Well done ladeis - more pics on the facebook group.
Well done ladies - more pics on the facebook group.

Thanks also go to the thousands of people who came out to support all the women (nearly 10,000) who took part in the race to raise money for the charity – many with the names of those they have lost or who are battling to fight cancer pinned on their t-shirts. The atmosphere, as always, was emotional yet uplifting.

Thanks to those of you from classes who came along and wished us well, to those who gave us an encouraging cheer as we went by and to all the people that congratulated us on our wiggles!

I estimate our sponsorship at in the region of £400 – £500 but I’m just waiting for the final figures to come in.

I am so pleased we were able to use our hoops to raise more money for Cancer Research. Remember if anyone still wants to donate (even though it’s after the event Cancer Research still needs our support to help fund prevention, diagnosis, treatment and research into cancer) then our sponsorship page can be found at http://www.raceforlifesponsorme.org/happyhulamonkeys

Information on our total sponsorship will soon be available on the Happy Hula Monkey website.

Thanks again for your support.